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... Part of me is tempted to say nothing, but the rest of me wants to say something, yet can think of nothing to say. Like, what do you even say? "Sorry for disappearing for like a year or two or three"? "Hey, guys, I'm not dead"?

There's really nothing I can say, other than... sorry.

Sorry for disappearing on you guys. Repeatedly.

Sorry for just generally not being very attentive or paying much attention to goings-on here on dA.

And sorry if I'm being overly apologetic. I do that quite often.

I can't really ask you to forgive me; heck, I can't promise I won't disappear again. But I'll try to be more active around here. Be more attentive. Try and actually talk with people, if they're willing, instead of lurking and just almost never talking to anyone ever.
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  • Listening to: "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy
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If you want, feel free to make a Pokemon sprite request. The only thing I ask is that you fill out the form below. I'm also willing to attempt to revamp or devamp sprites.

Spliced Sprite Request Form
Species to be used:
Base Pokemon:
Parts (Pidgeot wings, Mew tail, etc.):
Colors (Please specify which parts are a certain color, like Espeon purple vs. Mewtwo purple. If you don't care, let me know and I'll pick whichever one I think looks best):

If I have been friends with you for a while and start calling you by a nickname (or a shortening of your username), that's a sign that you're one of my bestest friends and I love you like a sibling. Maybe not quite so much, but it's still a sign that I consider you a good friend. I probably don't call you by said nickname to your face, but I do use it in my head.
People who I am familiar enough with to do so:
:iconricku:- Ri; my unrelated sister. She has a great sense of humor, and is a generally nice person.
:iconrennle:- Buzzles, Scratchy; my other "sister". Very cheerful and friendly.
:iconzutange:- Zuta, broseph; total bro, and one of my more random friends. We haven't talked as much ever since he moved away, but we're still friends.
:iconpristinedreamworld:- Dream; Although she can be just a tiny bit excitable and rather innocent-minded, she tends to be a voice of reason, and is a great friend.
:iconhana-shiro:- Hana, Hana-chan. My totally messed-up partner in crime (the crime being, well, all-around twisted). We have a shared love for Pokemon, creepy stories, and a combination of the two. I absolutely love her to bits.
:iconwolfangzero:- Drano, Draino; yet another friend I'm rather comfortable with. Around her, I tend to open up and act goofy and carefree, and she easily brings that out in me. We're such dorks. :dummy:
:icontroublemaster:- Trouble, Aisu; this tricky little sucker has shown me just how easy it is to be annoyed and amused at the same time. He's hilarious, and although he's a little annoying sometimes, that's also why I absolutely love the snot out of him. Plus, he's just an all-around awesome friend. He's also another person I'm a total dork around. :D

My chatroom:…
My PMD RP chatroom:…

My Friends

IRL Friends

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